Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Went to Australia. Quite nice I must say.

Lurked in the streets of Sydney taking pictures and checking out bookstores. My Camera broke and I had to search the cities' camera shops for a film camera, no easy task in this digital age. Found a cheap Canon. I was there to take part in a group show with my lovely wife Deanna, Jim Houser, and Aussie D-Mote. It was at the Monster Children Gallery.

Houser was in fine form, somehow matching his palette of colours.

Then I went down to Melbourne for some skateboarding but got injured (knee & ankle simultaneously) within an hour of arrival. That sucked pretty bad, but gave me another week of 'vacation' time, looking at bookstores, galleries and museums.

Oh yeah, in Sydney, I rented a car and drove (on the other side of the road for the first time!) to a nature park. It was 800 times better than going to a zoo. We saw this Cassowary 'the disemboweling bird.' These guys have a mean temper, and a real long sharp middle claw that is perfect for ripping your gut open... enjoy.