Monday, November 19, 2007

I got OWNED in my epic PONG match!!!!!!

Before, During, and After...
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The bet: If I win a best of 5 series I get a studio in Belgium and an apartment for 6 months! If I lose, I have to give Tim, my gallerist in Belgium, a painted head sculpture and a photograph.
Before the match, all were confident.
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Once we started I realized very quickly that I was in deep trouble. Tim is very fast, and anything I returned even a few inches over the net was enough for him to SMASH back violently with lightning speed.
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Afterward, I hang my head in defeat. He beat me in straight sets.
First game: 21 to 7
Second game: 21 to 9
Third game: 21 to 8
My only points were basically his mistakes!


Joey said...

Dear Ed-Tron
Steidl has a new soon to be attainable version of "The Americans" coming out in May which may tickle your pickle. By the way, GQ Italy ran your photos of Wild Ride. Congrats.
-Joey T

Ed Templeton said...

Thanks Joey!

Anonymous said...

Tim Van Laere is a very experienced tennis player..